Note:  The Answers and the explanations of the solutions will not be posted until at least 24 hours after the puzzle was originally added to the site.  The solutions are hidden below each clue, highlight them to reveal the answer and the solution.


Clue 1     :  Solved by Joe Smith

              Answer:  MONTICELLO

              Solution:  The cryptogram is written in the shape of the number “3”, and is read from left to right starting at the upper left.  When translated, the cryptogram reads as follows:

Thou seekest the home which I did adore,

Designed it to last forever more.

As secretary and ambassador, I served my time.

Famous for writing, but not for rhyme.”


                The cryptogram refers to Thomas Jefferson, who was the Secretary of State and Ambassador to France, and famous for writing the Declaration of Independence.  He was the third President of the United States (hence the shape of the puzzle was a 3).  The home he adored that he designed to last forever more is Monticello.


Clue 2    :  Solved by Julie Smith


              Solution:  The quotes at the top and bottom are instructions to read the rhyme to find the pieces of the answer, and put them together to form the solution.  “Wonderland” also refers to the Grand Canyon, which is a land of wonder if you’ve ever seen it in person.  “You’d better check the time” is done on a watch.  “In 1930, a young-er house plotted out the course” refers to Mary Colter (Colt – er) who was the architect who was hired in 1930 to design the Watchtower.  “An eye in the sky” refers to the elevated viewing platform the tower provides.  “For a rook to fly by”, in chess, a rook is also referred to as a tower.  Putting “Watch” and “Tower” together gives you “Watchtower”, which was the minimum acceptable answer.


Clue 3    :  Solved by Dina Nelson

              Answer:  San Andreas Fault

         Solution:  The word search is titled “Double Trouble”.  The words in the word search are all forms of trouble and disasters (both natural and man-made), and those who help us in those times of need.  The “double” you are looking for are the letters used twice in solving the word search (as opposed to the letters not used, which was normal in TSM hunt).  Those letters are TANEADLFUASRASN which are rearranged to form the answer.
Clue 4        : Solved by Dina Nelson
                  Answer:  Nebraska
         Solution:  The list of fruits represent the state fruits of the following states:  (L)ouisiana, (I)daho, (N)orth (C)arolina, (O)hio, (L)ouisiana, and (N)ew Jersey.  Taking the first letter of each state gives you “Lincoln” which fills in the blank of the question, “_______ is the capital of what state?”





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