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This listing is the ultimate gift package for the doll lover in your life. The Sweater of the Month Club package, presented by Katiyana’s Collectibles, is a one-year membership in the club, and is available for American Girl, Cabbage Patch, and Bitty Baby sized dolls.

You can purchase this package for yourself, or a designated recipient – making it a unique gift for holidays & birthdays that will last the whole year long.

The package includes the following:

  1. A Membership certificate welcoming the newest member to the Sweater of the Month Club, complete with their name & date of membership. This will be mailed out within a week of purchase & payment.
  2. Over the course of a 12 month period, the member will receive 13 handmade doll sweaters, hand knit by myself. Each sweater will be shipped directly to the member during the first week of each month. The schedule for doll sweater designs are as follows:

January – Snowman (Winter)
February – Single Heart Motif (Valentine’s Day)
March – Shamrock (St. Patrick’s Day)
April – Easter Bunny (Easter)
May – Two Flowers (Spring)
June – Three Butterflies (Summer)
July – American Flag (Fourth of July)
August – Custom Motif
September – Cardigan Sweater
October – Ghost (Halloween)
November – Pumpkin (Fall)
December – Holiday Present (Christmas)
BONUS SWEATER : In the month of the recipient’s birthday or the doll's birthday: Birthday Cake

    3.  A Thank You card from Katiyana's Collectibles included with the last sweater shipped.

The delivery of the sweaters will begin with the next month on the schedule that is at least 30 days from the date of purchase to allow time for sewing (i.e. a Membership purchased on January 28th will have its first sweater shipped the first week of March). Examples of twelve of the thirteen motifs are pictured below. The winning buyer will designate at the time of purchase the color choices & wording (if necessary) to be put on each sweater. Each sweater is a pullover style sweater with a single button fastening at the back of the neck, and all of my sweaters are made in 100% acrylic yarns.

Buyer will need to provide the following information to the seller:

    1. Name, Address, and month of Birthday (if known) of the intended recipient – if sweaters are being mailed to someone other than the buyer, the buyer will receive email confirmation of shipment each month.
    2. Color selection & custom wording for each sweater in the package
    3. Payment in full at time of purchase via Paypal, OR mailed in payment in full received within 30 days of purchase of the package OR arrangements for installment payments throughout the year. Buyers who choose to make installment payments must make each payment due prior to the sweaters being shipped out to the recipient.
    4. Membership in the Sweater of the Month Club may be cancelled by buyer at any time during the one-year of membership. Refunds for any paid for but unshipped sweaters & unspent S/H will be mailed back to the buyer.

The price of this package varies by doll size, and includes S/H charges for each sweater(s) shipped out each month.


American Girl or Our Generation Dolls (18" sized dolls)

    $7.50/sweater plus $2.00 S/H per sweater = $123.50      

Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls (16" sized dolls)

    $7.25/sweater plus $2.00 S/H per sweater = $120.25

Bitty Baby Dolls (15" sized dolls)

    $7.00/sweater plus $2.00 S/H per sweater = $117.00  

Hopscotch Hill Dolls (15" sized dolls)

    $5.00/sweater plus $2.00 S/H per sweater = $91.00  



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